First Wave Receding

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(For lightworkers, starseed, gridkeepers and all us aging ascension workers — it’s not like we got much of our too-well-deserved hazard pay, but apparently this is one of the few remaining professions in which one still gets to retire)


Ascension writers tell us
That our lives’ work is complete
Insofar as we feel we must
Outer circumstances meet,

Control, contain, continue,
Counsel, caution or advise —
They tell us now our work will be
Accomplished otherwise

They say we were successful
After all we underwent —
Ascension is progressing
Just exactly as was meant

They say the generation
Presently follows us
Knows much better than ourselves
How to steer this bus

Of suffering humanity
Back toward delight —
They say that, thanks to all of us,
Nothing now can stop the Light

From rising, rising, rising
Through these grassroots to the Sun;
That soon it will have soaked into
The souls of everyone

When all instinctively will know
What all unclouded eyes clear see —
We all get more of what we want
Working cooperatively!

Inevitable, they assure us,
Now the process is begun,
As creeping babes must learn
To toddle, then to walk, then run

They say it is our time to cease
Always to inquire
How to furnish for the all
Anything we to aspire

But dream a private dream or two —
Accept just for our own
Enjoyment that which we
Would wish that everyone had known

Gift ourselves a little honor
Learn ourselves a little love
Of that self as we’ve loved our brother —
Without expectation of

Deservingness nor opposite
Benefit nor gain —
Acknowledgment of grace
In navigation of much pain

And treasure ourselves gently
And let our hurt hearts heal —
They say it has become more safe
With our real feelings to be real

Others know this from the start
But we must work now to perceive
Legitimate our privilege
Not just to give, but to receive

The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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