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So she thinks it’s time to shine?
Here they come all in a line
One by one to take her out
Tell her what it’s all about

Here’s the gen’ral gist of it:
She really isn’t worth a bit —
If they act serially,
Can pretend she crazy be

Ladies, in particular,
Fond of relay races are
Always ready throw a hisster
If one doesn’t kiss her sister

In her fundamentals, as
‘Round here’ it ‘forever’ has,
In strict pecking order, been
Females of the town between

Having come across their border
They can take their stunted order
And keep it themselves between —
This newcomer’s never been

Subject to categories
By which each other they appease
And, also, she quite willing be
Continue very happily

Without the felt need to advance
Any petty dominance —
Unless they must insist upon
Such ignorance lingering on

Ladies, should get off that frown
Stop trying to put her down
Take a second look — ah-yup:
She’s working to put us all up!

A different game, the one she choose
Than that says that one must lose
Then only can the other win
(A completely negative spin)

When simply, pleasant, by forgetting
To calculate what they are ‘getting’
Calculating gifts instead
Everybody’d get ahead

The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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