Keeping it Real

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Doth someone love you who should not,
Who hath a mate already got
And, furthermore, committed to
In exclusivity of you
Or anybody else at all?

— I do see that the order’s tall
Too tall it is for little me
I cannot bring myself agree
That finding of good partnership
Should ever after disequip
Both its parties ever from
Infatuated brief become

No, it doesn’t seem to me,
At all, that that’s how it should be
My head shakes with the wonder of
Thoughts that adding love to love
Something less than love become —
Nor is, exceptionless, it so
Wherever on the planet go:
Draw wisdom ancient prehistory from!

Nonetheless, it isn’t there
Or then we live, but here and now —
You need consider to again:
This person taken hath a vow
Affirming an exclusive goal —
Assisting in its violation
Is imperilling his soul

Before what you’ll regret’s begun
Recall it necessary to
Address the issues that remain
In order your good standing to
With you, your Self, retain

If he wishes truly be
From commitments prior made
Presently ascending free,
There is a price which must be paid
In good basic honesty
To those with whom created been
Expectations have between

Though we do stretch — we do all grow —
That partner has the right to know
There is an unexpected change
So they, together, rearrange
In trust’s unbroken harmony
What each life then will come to be

Nor is it more acceptable
— In fact, it is unconsc’ionable —
For you continue hover to,
The most alluring sides of you
There invitingly before
His consciousness, creating more
Of stress than comfort

Rather, you
Should bring this gentleman to view
Those things which less adorable
He’d swiftly come to know of you
Were he allowed to know you more —
The point of life is not to feed
From hearts we, wounded, keep to bleed
Our self-gratification for

Without his lust, a little more
Of loneliness your heart may feel
Than it did honesty before —
But you met, both for, truest need
With your own faithful heart. You kept it real.

The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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