Master You

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Enslave yourself to money and you’ll see
No value in what in no cost there be —

Enslave yourself to a possessive mate,
Report in early, often, long and late

Nor let that lover ever, ever see
You smiling when you’re (gasp!) talking to me

Or anybody else might bring you joy
(There’s nothing jealousy will more annoy) —

Enslave yourself to the approval of
The masses who go ignorant of love

By that approval then prepare to be
Continuing through your life lovelessly

For if they see you not wearing a frown
They’ll straightaway tear your happiness down

True happiness being to them unknown
Intolerant they’ve of its presence grown

Don’t break into a joyful little dance
For surely they will leap upon the chance

To take that joyful little dance away
By finding swift some other tune to play —

Enslave yourself social media to
Prepare a world of misery to view

Dressed up as something really wonderful
Which your dreams of sufficiency annul

Not able ever to the truth believe
Of any photograph that you receive

Believe them all you tend to anyway
Guaranteeing a mis’rable day

Of useless, shallow, vain comparison
By which spurious status may be won

The same since foolishness was e’er begun:
The Master’s “bubble, reputation” —

Enslave yourself to food, prepare to be
Craving stimulus perpetually

By which you find yourself increasingly
Subject to grievous inability

Bodily motion pleasurable know
As in expanding corpulence you go —

Enslave yourself to sex, prepare to be
Led by the nose for everyone to see

Expense and inconvenience galore
Those little pussies always wanting more —

Enslave yourself to drugs, repeated know
How mis’rable you afterward may go

For there is little in benighted life
Save time beneath a skilled torturer’s knife

Compares to so excessive misery
The which an opiate withdrawal be —

Enslave yourself to lies, well then, forsooth
It’s never clearly you will know the truth

And if of it you glimpse a little bit
You won’t be able to remember it —

Enslave yourself to one domestic roof
Remain from the surrounding world aloof

While you endure in willing daily wise
Domestic power plays, bitches and lies

Of those who lay them on because they know
You feel you have no other place to go

And will put up with any vile or grim
Passing petty junior high school whim

Perpetually keeping mis’ry’s score
And dangling it your grinding nose before —

Enslave yourself to petrol-smelling drink
Prepare to hurl into your kitchen sink

Relationships which had been good for you
Before effluvia acidic spew

Such as can never they eliminate
From wounded consciousness you thus create —

In short, enslave yourself to anything,
Outside yourself, your inner self should bring

Though it initially so easy seem,
Eliminate the joys of which you dream

From here that way looks simple, sweet and short
But past first hidden curve it self abort

For you’ve allowed what ought to be a tool
To turn you into an indentured fool

Be Master those influences unto
Are ever struggling to master you

Among us, poets are not paid. The poet/editor of this website, being physically disabled, lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Become a patron of the fine arts at:

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