Silence is Golden

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(Having been welcomed by tiny town royalty on the strength of her outwardly magnificent (borrowed and only half operational) RV, this poet found a suddenly frigid reception immediately upon their discovery of her true financial status)



I am a natural recluse
I don’t need to visit you
Don’t need to have a cat or dog
So I’ll have someone to talk to

I don’t own a radio
Don’t own a TV
Silence is both natural
And fruitful, too, for me

I am a natural recluse
If I go all the day
Without speaking a single word
I’m happy anyway

So if I honor every single
Body I meet with a smile,
If I stop and talk to them
For a little while

It’s not from any neediness —
I don’t feel alone, confined,
Deprived conversationally
No, I am doing fine

With whatever situation
Heaven has brought here for me —
Instead, I’m trying a good neighbor
And a cheerful influence be

As well as to enjoy
All the benefits
Of knowledge people have for me
Into the grand puzzle fits

In the patchwork of this life
No, there is no single persom
I just have to see

So if my well intended
Cheerful company
No longer agrees with you,
It’s easily that I agree!

The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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