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(Nicola Tesla spent his life hemmed in by mysterious forces which would not let him rise. Today we know those forces to have a name: Thomas Alva Edison.

Tesla would have given us our energy for free. Edison was aligned with those presently making huge profits on this need.

You do the math.)


he said
i was actually
quite happy there at the end
with my birds

i’d let it all go
by then, you see —
glory and the
struggle for glory

knew my own
contribution to have been,
successfully made

or as successfully
as i could manage, anyway

i could rest, then, and

always did
love to dream

like a child at play
in the fields of the mind…

all the people around me saw,
of course, was:

low rent

‘what a comedown’
‘such a tragedy’

called me paranoid

they generally do
when you have little money

but can see the future

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