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At close of whatsoever effort we’ve
Been priviledged to serve the masses by
We ask inner assurance to receive
That such a heartfelt, dedicated try

As we have made, beginning with such fire
Such lofty dreams the future to remold
In higher frequency — youthful desire —
We struggle the effect of now behold

From Jesus Christ, observing from the cross
To Martin Luther King’s expiring glance
At that moment we fear we see the loss
Of all which we had hoped to bring to chance

For lo! The world unaltered seems to be
There past us go the minutae of being
Some new progression strive we then to see
And in our fear are not blessed by the seeing

The truth is: Any time created is,
Be it but the most fleeting moment passed,
Of love, of grace, of beauty, peace or bliss
Such must itself a victory be classed

For in that moment there had been no war
No humanly created suffering
We ponder what it might have been before
We to it our Divine light humble bring

And truth it is, as well, that underneath
The outer skin of sameness going by
There runs new blood, which we freely bequeath,
Future realities created by

Recipients of our good energy,
Which we have left in stardust trails behind,
Drifting, the wings of angels wafted by,
Into th’embrace of each receiving mind

For look — human compassion stakes a claim
Which, prior to Christ’s teachings, absent be
Now legion are the good works in his name;
King gave us Equal Opportunity

King Arthur happy, too, would be to learn
Of “roundtable discussions” in our day
On which mighty negotiations turn,
For ancients, as for us, a better way,

Yes, we do slowly grow, as ages pass,
From tyranous dictatorship of Might
He saw returning with his death, alas,
We bring our greater fealty to Right

We are the beneficiaries of
Each gift every light bringer had to give —
Each messenger sent from the heart of love —
The wealthier for every one we live

Imagine not, in parting, that your gift
Your heart, your whole soul’s precious energy
Doth not the heart of every other lift
Against ever encroaching gravity

The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:https://www.gofundme.com/are-you-a-patron-of-the-arts

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