Voice Recording: Her Laughable Illusion

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Say what you will, say what you will
As has been said through history
Of women after argument still
Somehow don’t with you agree

Every woman of aught power
Since time has begun
Endured this selfsame litany
Of woeful accusations, hon

They never gave but only took
And took from everyone
They terrorised each daughter
Molested every son

The funny thing is, we don’t hear
Charges leveled at a male
Which heaped upon these women’s heads
Successfully prevail

Who cares if as a father
He was widely known to fail?
He doesn’t under censure
His society of quail

No one cares if more than one
Lover in his life he took
If anything, it adds some luster
To his public look

No one faults him if for his
Family he did not cook
Or element’ry homework
Every evening hath not undertook

His forceful personality
In her is just a shrew —
She fails to be at home tonight,
Yet he but goes a meeting to

What she cleans and orders
He feels free to undo
His canny business strategy
From her is just unfair to you

His freedom, her debasement
His daring, her delusion
His need to make a strategy
Hers merely a confusion

His reas’nable redundancy
Her extravagant profusion
His lofty vision future for
Her laughable illusion


“Her Laughable Illusion” (1:45)


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