World’s the Richer

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I had a friend
We had no end
Of fun with one another

And also one
Who saw no fun
She saw something other

I’d get the whim
And poke at him
Then he’d poke back at me

Both would win
Such humor in
For we would laugh most merrily

My other friend
Asked for an end
To her, such were acrimony

So for the while
Each hid our smile
Attempting to accommodating be

At a loss,
There was a pause
And then he looked at me

Inquiring whether
Pleasant weather
Affected me some happily

This group among,
I bit my tongue
And didn’t tell him breezes me

Please better when
He leaves again
Allowing them native perfume

I waited to
Allow unto
Polite response a little room

“Ah, yes,” quoth I,
“Such a blue sky —
And sure enough, the trees are green!”

It hurt to have
Not to laugh
As always had our habit been

Right up to speed,
Though, he agreed
“The air that sky and trees between

Upon this day
May safely say
Transparent as it’s ever been!”

‘Twere then the third
Reversed that word
The which she formerly had spoke

“Forget it now
I get it now:
Our world’s the richer for a joke!”

The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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