You Can Get to Know Me Well

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You can get to know me well
Without having lies to tell
About where you might have been
Our last meeting in between

And this one
Or take me to lunch
Museums, concerts, tea or brunch

Without having to stand in line
Pasting on a smile benign
Enduring some activity
Appeals to you most boringly

You won’t have to calculate
The cost of gifts I’d think were great
Or find a way to compliment
Behaviors awful I present

Tell me with crossed fingers that
An outfit doesn’t make me fat
Or countenance an ultra-mini
On a frame that’s much too skinny

Feel your face you ought to hide
While you try quickly to decide
If I’m full of class, but brash
Or rather simply am white trash

Have, even worse, to justify
Behaviors for which convinced I
Have by lifelong experiment
Developed educated bent
But seem to others thoughtless and
Unconsidered out of hand

Expense nor incovenience
Need be your own as you commence
Upon infatuation, first
Leaning immediat’ly to worse
As you begin to understand
Established scripts me not command
Nor do I wrapped in slogans go
But seek each moment’s right to know
In its own fully unique way

Won’t have to think of some good way
Excuses to your friends to say
After I’ve been, loving, free
With unusual honesty,
Or aired opinion hadn’t known
Was not a carbon of your own

Oh, the inconven’ient list
Of babysitting duties missed
Embarrassment, confusion and
Bound’ries pushed on every hand

Until at last, though saddened, know
You will have to ask me to go
Because you’re finding out you burn
To your sitcoms to return
Easy classifications you
Incline wearily mental to

Driven to what you’d wish avoid
Event’ual call me paranoid
Ego ridden, morbid, sly
My ears too wet, my wit too dry
As modern true love runs its course
And you sue me for divorce

You can bypass all of this
Remaining in unattached bliss
As in gentle, protective fog —
You only have to read my blog!

The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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