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The devil's bride a poem by Curtis Raynard at UpDivine
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Don’t let her beauty fool you
She’s not what you may seem 
You best stay away if you can
she’s a nightmare in your dream

Her beauty may be a rare delight
But she’s just fooling your eyes
If you get the chance to know her
You see all of her trickery lies

She can place you in a trance
From her many books of spells
Making you believe she is sexy
With the trickery’s that she tells

If you can see beyond her beauty
You’ll see a black-hearted witch
Don’t be tricked from her smile
She fooling you with her twitch

Only one person sees her truth
For he can’t be tricked like you
He’s been watching her every move
And he is able to see right through

You see this witch is full of evil
As she strings you on for the ride
Her black heart is already taken
For she has become the devil’s bride

Tricking you with her sexy image
As she takes you along for a stroll
Hoping to win over your aching love
So she can feed you her devils soul

Welcome to their cemetery
You can come and play if you wish
She will cast you into her evil spell
To feed her groom another dish


The devil's bride a poem by Curtis Raynard at UpDivine
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