Empathy For The Starless

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off the black darkness of night,
rhythm spins fire with hot light,
stepping into a drum pounding.

this humidity flickers forest like
empathy for the starless. sprint
into the hypnosis, you have the

gift of the wilderness. alone on
the prairie, if I were up to guess
this, wide thunder transits the

skies with a blink. have you now
heard of the psychologic term
self-actualization? you know all

your potential, unintented talent.
this bongo makes the nocturnal
fauna leap and dash around you.

confidence isn’t ridiculous, you
are cosmic, and the pieces of
your life have purpose. as this

pressure collapses, a downpour
hits the tempo of the influence.
pulse fingertips on the surface,

enchant the allure of this storm.
just remember you’re the one,
showing how your eyes spark.

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Cory Buchanan

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