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they told me therapy is helpful,
and it is, but intensive work for
your well-being can be painful
to implement. going back each
year of trauma, chipping away
this ingrained truth of events,
comes with delving deeply in
honesty, love, determination,
motivation and respect. goals
will look unattainable, until
you realize you are in control
of your effort and perspective.
distraction and escapes don’t
need to be a chore, once you
consider your world is at your
fingertips. don’t go back to the
toxic cognitive errors of black
and white thinking, the what
ifs. right now we really have,
and because the past is too
much, doesn’t mean we can’t
flip this negative mindframe
around. it starts by managing,
beginning with showing your
compassion, story, and proud
walk in yourself. worrying is
a killer of the heart. by letting
go, by grounding each sense,
we can take this observation
into clarity. of who you are,
a great person with intention.
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