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It’s not really about you,

You know it or maybe you don’t,

But I can say it for you again,

Let’s remember all together,

So if you get into a darker place,

Create some light into your soul and face.

It is not about your body  and your shapes,

It is not about your color or your culture,

It is not about your genders or your age,

It is not about your height and even weight,

Not about your beliefs and opinions,

Not about your charities or mistakes,

Not even about your hard work,

And all it takes.

But it’s for free and for good,

For the long road, for the Life,

Shines brighter than the sky with stars,

Even along with the Moon and the Sun,

It’s something from which you don’t want to run,

It’s that thing that starts into your heart,

And makes you to become full of light,

And everything be alright.

So if you see that,

Take it dear,

If you can’t,

Create a way love,

It’s within you,

Just needs to be awake,

It deserves you,

And you deserve it,

Not really for your choices,

Not for your abilities and physics.

That thing glows the same for everyone,

You can have it one by one. 

“Cause happiness it’s not really about you, But is for all of you”.

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