Love❤ vs Career💎

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I’m trying to focus on my study,
In front of her beauty I can’t see anybody,
The smell of her body is controlling my mind,
Books are talking;I’m moving and there’s music🎶 of love in the wind,
Believe me she’s my fruit and my heart wants to be in her boots.

Wait! What’s happening to me?
This is not who I want to be,
For one girl I can’t forget my dreams and goals,
Just for her I can’t sacrifice everything and all,
Thank you angel👼🏻 you whispered in my mind and stopped me to get into this bullshit wind.

Hold on! Let me think about my parents,
This is not the way to pay for their endurance,
If I really deserve someone then one day I’d get her,
I want to be a successful💎 man not a psycho lover,
So thank you angel once again and very soon I’d be on the top of a mountain.

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