The Dogs Ate My Country

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Canada’s Watchdogs: To the government, from Canadian’s 

I’m sorry, Mr. Prime Minister, I can’t provide for me and/or my family; the dogs ate my country. It is some of you, who set the dogs loose- piled on top of previous corrupt delegations and past antagonists to a free peaceful country. One day, perhaps, we will know peace when every man can provide for his family without fear of not enough. As a proud Canadian we have grown and learnt how to affectively appeal to our many opportunities, and make the most of our first-world advantages. We have utilized social resources at our disposal for support, when most in need. But now the dogs are loose, on your property…

Salivating, Greed nips at my heels, accustomed to the eager whistle of those to take more than they need, with little regard for the pack. I fear Lack launching wildly in my direction, as my playing field of passion is hammered with slain budgets and impossible financial barriers in Human Services and public outcries. Then there’s the most frightening animal of all, the beast who prowls under many disguises: manipulation. Those who have the privilege of stewarding know too well, I think, the game it plays. The beasts of manipulation breed corruptions and will ravage every good will towards this country.

Perhaps even the most unfortunate of citizens could be strengthened by the strength of a country, and by leadership which qualifies civil needs above strategically unmerciful attempts to strengthen the forearm, by siphoning from every good opportunity to bring health and well-being of Canada’s backbone. I think the state of affairs can effortlessly, in full light, appall even the most jaded. Too many have not heard the complaints of Canadian citizens. Rather, lost negotiations behind closed doors with turned backs have become our democratic frequency.

I, and so many other Canadians, cannot continue under the abstract application of national wellness while cold hard-knock government decisions and numeration of equities masquerade, and then parade and flaunt prosperity before me. A prosperity stolen; we cannot reach it.

So now, call your dog’s back, and turn each ear in turn to the welfare of those who are struggling to abide, and who are asking for your advocacy and mercy. The puppy, named contempt, will soon grow up to be your worst enemy. The only weapon we have is democracy, and it is jammed- we don’t even know who to vote for anymore. At this rate, Canada is going to the dogs and we will be devastated. What becomes of devastation is desolation, which your civil- or personal, we don’t know anymore- sacrificial deceptions have abominated; share your prosperity and spread the wealth.

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Darlene Pevach

About the Author: Darlene Pevach

Child poet and long time writer of over 30 years turned advocate for community development. Professional connections accepted via LinkedIn


  1. I am so sorry for the state of your nation. But I feel the whole world is headed this way…
    Politicians have no morale left. People (fools, and all of us) get deceived by the lies and the marketing gimmicks (both by corporates and politicians). And at this knowledge era, where there is no lack of knowledge and information, the biggest problem is our declining wisdom. I wonder how will we find a solution. Will we be ‘woke’, ever?

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