Lazy Days

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Sunburnt shoulders,

Sprinkles of freckles,

Grass stains and lifted spirits.

Laying out in the balmy sum

Became the daily activity.

Dry grass between toes,

Bare feet stretched out,

Back supported by the earth.


Crunching and sucking on

Frozen popsicles that melt

Rainbow sticky stains running

Down sunscreen skin.

The cloying savour of

Sweet watermelon

And sugary lemon

On a dyed tongue.


Loud cacophony of singing

Crickets and buzzing bees

Ringing in one’s ears, a

Chorus of serenading birds

Circling above.

Welcomed warm breezes

Turn pages of a forgotten book.


Stare up at a sky no longer

Fleck by clouds but infinitive

Brilliant cornflower blue,

Sharing a slice into heaven.


Lay back, messy hair sprayed out

Like a halo over spinals of grass,

Between towering tulips,

First blooms of spring,

First bursts of colour

After a long winter.


Periphery captures bonfires

Of telepathic red and

Incandescent yellow.

Delicate flames perched on

Soldierly upstanding green stalks,

Casting a scarcity of shade.


Buds now vibrant and proud,

Unfurling fragile petals open

To the skies in worship,

Diffusing the sweetest of

Perfumes in gratitude,

Silages of citrus and honey

Transported by humid air.


Pick them to wove into

A flower crown for a

Tangled mane with knots,

Inaugurated as Queen of the May,

Stems soft between your digits.

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Elaine Mullarkey

About the Author: Elaine Mullarkey

She/Her Wordsmith and bibliophile that does a spot of writing every now and again.


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