Lockdown Blues

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Dear Diary,

Monday cancelled again.

Death still on the prowl.

Charon working overtime.

Spent many a sombre hour,

Longing for a reassuring hug

To know I am not alone in fear.



Dear Diary,

Tuesday postponed.

Simple freedoms took for granted.

Treasure safety yet yearn familiarity.

Mesmerized by sky, envious of birds.

Mourn over the loss of public space.

Craving for a bit of human connection.



Dear Diary,

Wednesday called it off.

Masks are a necessary evil,

But idiots continue to roam.

Heroes wear scrubs or lab coats,

Gifted with kiddies’ painted rainbows.

Owner of one selfish heart full of guilt.



Dear Diary,

Thursday left no return call.

Banned a new c-word in the house,

Since numbers occupy the news.

Silence does not help with anxiety,

Boredom lets imagination ran rabid.

Mind slowly descents into madness.



Dear Diary,

Friday’s delayed.

Need a respite from solitude.

Ran out of books to read.

Counted tiles, stared at walls,

Paced rooms, talk to pictures.

Thank God, there is no wallpaper.



Dear Diary,

Saturday’s gone AWOL.

Submerged thoughts in ink,

Trapped between sheets.

Pencil mark flights of fancy,

Pin down wandering follies.

To prove reason’s existence.



Dear Diary,

Sunday ghosted me.

No final kiss goodbye,

Shouted a last love you

Down the phone line

From out the screen.

No wanted farewell.

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Elaine Mullarkey

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