Mirror, Mirror

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Pull back the corners of my mouth tight,
Until it reveals all those pearly whites,
Then frame them with bright scarlet red.

Tell my-self today it will go away,
That I was okay the other day,
To hold it together, high and poised.

Haven’t slept in days but it’s fine,
I rose by knot-tying feelings in twine,
Ignored the tear stains on patchwork quilts.

Hide my struggle for power and position,
The fight for sanity from public admission,
Keep private pain shrouded from prying eyes.

I say goodbye with a ready smile,
My defense tactic to use to beguile,
So none will worry till I’m better.

My reflection wonders and point-blank ask me
“But you’re not getting any better, are you?”

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Elaine Mullarkey

About the Author: Elaine Mullarkey

A wordsmith and bibliophile who also goes by the penname of Molly Lane. You can also check out my other written material on my Tumblr page https://blogmollylane.tumblr.com/.

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