Red String

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The legends say that soulmates

Are bounded by a single red string

Created by the fates above.

This line of destiny meets

As palms touch, fingers interlaced,

Hands twinned together.


Scrying the stars in their eyes;

Constellations of freckles

In one another’s soul windows.

Wondering what fortunes lie in

Each other’s crystal orbs

With crossed celestial paths.


A head rests on familiar comfort,

Listens to see if two separate hearts

Beat as one single pulse,

While tracing secret messages;

Little love letters on skin

Only its receiver can decode.


Even after the first time,

With breath-taking kisses

And arms that feel like safe heavens,

No matter how far luck is stretched

Or how tangled the misfortune is

The red string remains in one piece.

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Elaine Mullarkey

About the Author: Elaine Mullarkey

She/Her Wordsmith and bibliophile that does a spot of writing every now and again.

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