Coffee grains

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The sleek falling down the sky,

A little bitter than a coffee grain,

Yowls in the creak of floors,

I’ve heard your beating heart miles ago!!!


They flutter ,they rupture,

I’ll walk on u like the dew on the grass in an early winter,

Tangled hands and laboured breaths,

Haven’t u read about the Robert Burns love affair??


Mushy grass and cyclic wind,

Turning around the corner of the street,

Tell me your soul doesn’t bleeds,

Or did u kept your heart in a locked up safe,

Letting the fires caught in my wake,


I planted tress and locked up the doors,

Build my homeland in you,

Placed a funnel shaped vase full of love for you,

While mixing the coffee grains in the sugar,

The sky lets out a sob and melts through the crease,

My heart doesn’t flutter anymore,
It doesn’t hear anything beat anymore,
The cracks on floor don’t creak anymore,
My coffee grains has wasted away years ago,
Wasn’t home suppose stay up close, stand still and hide u in???
You hv left me a Nomad,
With no where to go,
With no where to go!!!!

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