TBH (To Be Honest)

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TBH (To Be Honest):

To be honest

I want to come out and say I miss you girl

You was my world

The way you make my toes curl

You was worth every second of my life

At times I felt like you was my savior like Jesus Christ

I wanted to get on one knee and make you my wife

But somewhere down the line

Me and you didn’t have the same grind

We were two different brands

You was chasing the bands

And I was trying to expand

I’m someone you wouldn’t understand

I was young and always in wonderland

None of this was planned

To be honest you was my first love

So soft and plush

I was in a rush

Didn’t know if you was someone I can trust

Part of the problem is I was a virgin feining for sex like coke

I just really wanted to stroke

We was running off of hope

Argument after another had us fading like smoke

When I was without you I started to mope

Wanted you back but never spoke

Was looking so gorgeous that day you was wearing all white like the pope

I guess that was the second time I choked

I left you in the cold I was suppose to be your coat

I miss your soft skin

I know this the end

As we never see each other

I wasn’t like the others

The others was dirty

They fucked you over, deserve to get hit with a thirty

It was late when they realized they lost it all

I don’t feel like this a casting call

I just wanted to write about when I crashed into a wall

Or when I drop the ball

Or when I took a fall

Or when I lost it all

To be honest

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