Stop the Presses

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When Russia banned the printing press, the state only printed bibles and things for the church. 

But the people there, the people became some of the most critical political cartoonists in history, with a knack for knocking on those in power.

When the presses shut down in the small towns 

All over the U.S., the people there slid open their phones and made thousands of memes to react to the news broadcasted 24 hours a day. 

Ten little journalists, covering the town, the anchor came along and shut them down. 

Some say democracy dies in darkness, but then why 

Do so many statesmen prefer the dark? It hides their evasion, adultery and pedophilia all too well. 

You say the truth will come to light? 

Then why do you scoff at the idea of paying for WashPo or your local paper, when you’ll pay for cable to watch the news on TV?

Five little journalists, typing all along, the budget came along and sent one home.

Print is dead, say all the ad managers and circulation salesmen. Print is dying, says the editor, and we all start to believe it. 

Ever wonder why the 2nd Amendment crowd neglects the First Amendment and forgets about the need for a free press? They love their talking heads with red ties and simple vocabularies. Anything else is fake news to them, especially if they don’t like the truth about crowds at presidential speeches and events. 

Two little journalists, fighting just to print, a felon came along and told them to sprint. 


Print is dying.

One little journalist, talking on the phone, the hedge fund came along and sent her home. 

Print is dead. Stop the presses. 

Stop the presses and the ink will go stale, the paper will mold and the gears will rust – just like our senators and mayors with no term limits and no one to report on their shortcomings and sins. In a world shaded with darkness, only the truth can bring back the light. 

Print is dead; face the truth. 


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