Beautiful Mess

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How I wish we could go back to the start;
Before we had to mend our broken hearts.
Before this air became muddled between us;
It’s these unfinished feelings we need to discuss.

It was under the sunny summer sky we met.
An instant connection, and on that night, we were set.
One moment we were together, the next you were gone.
We both understood that life had to go on.

New Year’s Eve came around.
Finally we could see each other again, sparking fireworks in the background;
But your love had changed since then.
Things had happened between you and your ex-boyfriend.

Your failed loyalty hurt me deep,
And bitter feelings were beginning to seep.
Our blossoming rose was beginning to die,
Thus with that, we had to say goodbye.

My love for you then was a real as the sky,
But things can never be like they were in July.
I am glad for all the moments we shared
Let us both move on, and clear this raptured air.

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