A Broken Dream

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Your face is distorted in my mind 

Now nothing is like it was before 

You aren’t here anymore 

We are like broken glass on the floor

It makes me bleed, my toes are sore 

My blood is thick, my bones are weak 

My thoughts of you, they make me sick 

I punch the wall but I get no reaction

My knuckles just hurt

That’s how it felt to be around you

Punching a brick wall

A wall with no feelings 

A broken building 

A piece left of what was once something whole

I wake up screaming

My dreams of you are creeping 

My thoughts shake, my feelings shatter 

My bones crack 

There is nothing left, there is no matter 

I couldn’t have you the way I wanted so I left 

Now all that is left between us is death 

The death of realness, the death of truth 

The death of love, and that is all that is there dear 

A distorted image of you in my haunted dreams

My dreams that are splitting at the seams 

Everything unraveled 

My heart is now a machine 

No more stars to gleam

You are nothing more than a distorted face 

In a broken dream

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