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I want to tell you how  I feel 

I want to scream it in your face

But instead these memories I must erase

I can no longer talk to you

I can no longer look at you

I can no longer touch you

You were once a green leaf on my tree

But now you are falling from me

You are now the crumpled brown leaf that sits under me

So close, yet so far away

I long to see you

It feels like forever goes by in a day

But if you wanted it to be different, wouldn’t you make it so? 

It is time for you to get buried 

My tree needs to grow

You will not be forgotten 

Even though you may be old and rotten 

You are mixed into my soil 

You are apart of my roots 

And I will count that as a blessing 

Even when I am in the ground

Even when I am resting 

This life goes by every hour 

Maybe in the next one I’ll be a flower 

Maybe then you will pick me instead 

But for now you are dead 

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