Woman of my life

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There I dwelled on your womb for nine months long
Your smooth caress and lullaby song
Felt like your little angel was in a safe haven
You were the source of my life like I needed oxygen.

You feed me to save me from hunger
You dressed me up, took me a bath
You teach me how to talk as you were my great adviser
You guided me to walk in the right path

“Where’s a mom?”
I say every time you’re out of my sight
“Where’s a mom?”
My words when I needed a shoulder to cry.

Your unconditional love overflows
The tender care of a woman that I always seek at home
I witness all of your sacrifices
But seeing you wearing your smile is so priceless

The tears, the sweat, and the efforts
The heartache and pain you’ve endured for the sake of your four daughters
The times when you were there for me to comfort
Are the times I consider myself to be the luckiest person

I can’t imagine my life without you beside me
Without you, I was just like a stray stone being kicked into nowhere
You are my compass that navigates me to the right direction
You are my hero, my savior, my biggest inspiration.

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Joanna Villamor

About the Author: Joanna Villamor

I just wanted to write. I don't know why but writing gives me the adrenaline in life.

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