Divine Midnight

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Clock is ticking incessantly
The world seems asleep
While here I am
Lying supine
Beneath the naked
realm of sky.

I found myself
Indulging the words
that overflow
through my mind
As I whisper my secrets
to the zephyr
that passes by.

The clouds
smiled at me
As I offer my
tears to stream
The moon didn’t
judge me
Half of her is hidden
and her half moonlit night
was the gift she
had given to me.

The cosmos let me
chew the stars
She was so kind
My body could’ve
now lighten up
the entire sky.

There was a girl
called Athena
She became my friend
and vested me her wisdom
upon my oblivious psyche.

It was a divine midnight
A solitude – my accompany for life.

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About the Author: Jo Villamor

I am a nocturnal writer. My mind is full of unsaid thoughts. They just spill through my chaotic words.


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