Gawking hours

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I often think about the sky and how it’s admired by many. Some for the cloud patterns others for the star constellations. How a person can be so intently infatuated with something that’s constantly changing, how we as a society can fall in love with a picture in the sky that will disappear within the hour. I realize that I too am one of those people giving my attention to the not so stable appearance. But why is it so easy to admire the change of the sky but not the change of a person? When they fearlessly expose themselves to a world filled to the rim with judgement, only to be labeled in the wrong. In this Society we live with expectations that hold us accountable or our own validation. But As it rains we admire a crying sky to wash away the pain and debris of the previous encounter. So to cope we sit at the window to watch the drops slide down the glass judging the sky for its vulnerability. I guess my point is change is inevitably beautiful. 

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