Eternity, by J. W. Cassandra

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by J. W. Cassandra

Who have I been so far?
I didn’t it know,
I’ve searched for it in vain,
till suddenly
my eyes opened
and now, I see it seeing:
lotusflower, thousand petalled;
in the depth of my cup
the beam sets in motion,
flies into consciousness,
my petals
the beam keeps pervading,
it flows out and
in lap of my petals
arisen to consciousness,
is swinging me…

27/10. 2019.,
by J. W. Cassandra

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J. W. Cassandra

About the Author: J. W. Cassandra

I’m a teacher and a registered author either, at Artisjus as a writer and a poet in Hungary. I love forests, butterflies, flowers.

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