Libation, by J. W Cassandra

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Libation, by J. W Cassandra

Star, dragged down to the depth, you blaze,
And only Epiphany-promise is what raise you.
I am a star, dragged down to the depth,
And I do not see if comes the help.

I cannot have a view out of this depth,
I ever feel so: I keep tumbling,
And the shooting star brightens all depths,
Then if the promise is fulfilled, it burns out.

Its existence was the moment of infinity,
Its being is the star, its memory blazes,
Blind eyes of the depth are dazzling,
Since promise of Epiphany blinds them.

And if the promise of Epiphany will be fulfilled,
The star will rise up into the sky, again,
And who sees its flame-arch blazing aloft,
Sequence of heavenly seals is full, he knows.

Wine of Epiphany flowed from the sky to Earth.

06/01. 2021., by J. W. Cassandra

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J. W. Cassandra

About the Author: J. W. Cassandra

I’m a teacher and a registered author either, at Artisjus as a writer and a poet in Hungary. I love forests, butterflies, flowers.

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