Soma – Sema, by J. W. Cassandra

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Soma – Sema,
by J. W. Cassandra

Soma – sema
Body is mute
Grave is cold
Being is rigid

Still the light save sit:
He breakes forth from dungeon,
He blazes forth from inclusion,
Body is dungeon – your self.

Soma – sema
Body is mute
Inclusion closes
Body: is the border

It embraces the boundless,
It charms you for transient,
It binds eternal being by chains,
It overshadows eternal light.

Soma – sema
Body is mute
Eternal lives
Its circle it oversees

It oversees dungeon of body,
Even hidden, it is the vital light,
Enclosed into body, it is law-light,
It points beyond dungeon of body.

06/07. 2018., by J. W. Cassandra

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J. W. Cassandra

About the Author: J. W. Cassandra

I’m a teacher and a registered author either, at Artisjus as a writer and a poet in Hungary. I love forests, butterflies, flowers.

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