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BLM painted on streets
But justice is what we want to see
We know what it is systematic racism
Campaign bullying like the black race hasn’t been bullied since the beginning of our existence

Kidnapped from our families
Beaten into servants
If we run they’ll cut off our ligaments
Even resort to cutting off our penis

We were beaten, even raped
A lot more but those have been cut out of our history books
Only learned about slave masters
And their actions

Still see them all over America
Police lined up to protect their statues
But no one there to protect the blacks
No point in even talking they don’t care

Chant all lives matter while we get slaughtered
Beaten and Battered
Still, my fists in the air cause I believe we matter
You chant all lives matter while we continue to get strangled

Like that’s going to help Elijah
Another young King flying Higher
Last year and now we just learning more

How many more to be exposed?
How many more to die at the hands of our so-called protectors?
R.I.P To all the victims, you’ll always be missed

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K. Exum

About the Author: K. Exum

I'm a blogger, poet, and writer. Looking to connect with other writers and hopefully gain some exposure on this platform.

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