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It’s a disease. A toxicity.

A contagious illness that is almost incurable. 


It’s a black whole that consumes you,

refusing to let you out, holding you hostage,


A wolf in sheep’s wool, luring you in disguised 

as realistic thinking and tough love,

Revealing the villain and eating you up,


A fake friend motivating you to be great but

slowly changes you into a stranger,


It eats the body, mind and soul, with no control,

it continues to grow, making you show 

this other side of you, the wrong side of you who

crushes dreams, speaks venomously, putting others down,

How dare you. 

How dare you let it take you,

How dare you not fight the disease.

How dare you inject others with your poison 

convincing them that their glass is half empty.

You chose to let it take you

you chose to befriend the side 

that demands to be seen, demands to be heard,

Now it’s you, the toxic hurt. 

Don’t darken my day, 

Stay out of my way. 

As Lucky once said; 

“Why you always got something negative to say?”

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Kea Spinks

About the Author: Kea Spinks

20•Aspiring author•Experimenting in prose poetry Find my work on: Instagram: @keawriteshere Wattpad: @tamarareadshere

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