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O my lovely soul
Give me my last life memory
Get my last life relations
Put my things in order, O my Soul ǁ
O dear soul, show me, where I was
O dear, show me where my people are
O Soul, you knew well all these things
I know, you’ll get my memory ǁ
O Soul, Tell me, how did you leave me?
My dear, you can’t hide the truth
Tell me, what transpired you to leave me
My lovely soul, you know these things well ǁ
I am struggling for memory
Am worried about my old people
Want to meet all my people now
O my soul, give me my lost memory ǁ
I don’t know, what the life is
Life looks to be miserable for some
Life looks to be enjoyable for some
I don’t know, where I fit in this life ǁ
I am alone in this world
Don’t know where my family is
What the life means for alone life
Leading the life alone has no meaning in life ǁ
Life is like a Rose Flower
Rose Flowers reach the Gods feet
My Prayers touch the feet of the God
A day is sure to reach the Heavenly abode ǁ
What is this life in this zig zag world?
Life is live with hurdles in the life
Can’t know the destiny where my life to go
Adventurous life leads the life to the destiny ǁ
A man needs class and mass
Needs shelter and water
Needs education and income
A woman needs good hubby and character ǁ
Lovely Nature needs greenery and water falls
Nature needs birds and animals
Nature needs life and pleasantness
The Universe has all elements of life ǁ
The life has hardships and bottlenecks
The family has troubles and problems
The couple has quarrels and understanding
The surname has all these ingredients ǁ
Don’t leave me my dear soul
O my soul, you’re me
My dear soul, me you are
O soul, I and you are life in this world. ǁ
Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu
(A Copy Right Song Lyrics
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About the Author: Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu

Poet, Novelist, Song and Story Writer. Published Author. Founder of POETIC CHARMINAR. Hyderabad India. Members from 100+ Countries. Hon. Doctorate in LITTT from ITMUT Brazil

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