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Am crazy to follow western life.
Feel special in western life.
Like to follow the present culture.
Trends says, western style and life ǁ

Basic styles are good.
Western styles good.
Income source is high.
Living standard is high ǁ

Study makes many earns.
Money makes many things.
Culture makes people grow.
Good life make people happy ǁ

Today’s youth well qualified.
Education makes full pocket source.
Money makes much satisfaction.
Hopes are western life hopes ǁ

Money floating in western styles.
Luxuries seen in each day life.
People feel happy in western culture.
Hopes are, youth’s hopes ǁ

Crazy is the word, youth feel to say.
Optimistic to follow western crazy.
Youth dream western standards.
Culture leads to peoples change ǁ

Old culture is the best culture.
New culture is a glittering one.
People attracted to new  standards.
Likes are more for western life ǁ

Today’s youth fond of western life.
Youth likes many styles.
Great thing is in foreign styles.
People are for styles and standards ǁ

Cultures vary country to country.
Cultures vary  continent to Continent.
East or West, people follow cultures.
North or South, people for own cultures ǁ

Cultures vary from country to country.
People are crazy for western life ǁ

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About the Author: Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu

Poet, Novelist, Song and Story Writer. Published Author. Founder of POETIC CHARMINAR. Hyderabad India. Members from 100+ Countries. Hon. Doctorate in LITTT from ITMUT Brazil

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