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[There are five main characters in this Story. (1) Krishna,27,  Civil Engineer (2) Shankar, 27, Management – MBA- Degree holder (3) Ms. Julie, 23, Management – MBA – Degree holder, old Saint Guruji, (70), palmist, astrologer and philosopher and Gopi, 25, son of a Cobbler]       


It is a city and thickly populated residential locality. Two friends, Krishna, a qualified Civil Engineer and Shankar, a qualified Management degree holder lived with their family people and was neighbors.            


Both families live separately, side by side.  These two friends are in 27 years age group.  Both earn their lively-hood by doing small real estate and construction business.  Both families participate in all the house-hold functions and attend to marriages of their known persons.  They lived happily. Krishna earned substantial money and acquired own building and car.


On one day, due to election season, a well known person of that city floats a new political party for contesting elections. This new political party invited all the people to enroll membership.  These two friends who live as neighbors enrolled their names in the new political party. Civil engineer Krishna, who was showed much interest in politics, worked hard for the party and the party gives a responsible position as an important functionary. During election days, Krishna worked hard along with others and canvassed for the party.  Krishna was nominated to contest the elections gets through the local elections.


Krishna earned some good amount of money through pyravi (negotiations) and as middleman. Krishna purchased land around 1000 square yards and constructed four storied building with ultra modern design in a span of two years.  He even purchased brand new car. Krishna and his family members shifted from their old house to the new building.


Krishna could not spare time to meet Shankar and also stopped speaking.  Shankar during the course of his business transactions, lost heavy amounts and gone red and could not recover and confronted many an impediments.


In the same locality, Shankar’s college mate and classmate, Ms. Julie aged 23 years old with 5 Feet 6 inches height with very fair complexion and an out spoken personality completed her Master of Business Administration (MBA), resides near to Shankar’s house. Ms. Julie has an ingenious vision. Shankar, 27, is a 5 Feet-10 Inches, well built with healthy physique.


Ms. Julie looked beautiful and a replica of Ms. Merlyn Monroe, one of the beautiful actress of golden era.  Ms. Julie, a good singer and learnt vocal and instrumental music right from her childhood.  She gave few performances on the stage and TV.


Ms. Julie also gave few short lectures before stage performances. She tell friends and people that –


it is good to be in right time, in right dress and in right mode at right place. But, one is to be better late for any type of functions/programs/events/parties than never and at any cost, one is to be present, at any time, on the day of the program than absent”.


She once said “INCESSANT MUSIC PRACTICE CAN GIVE ENERGY, RELAXATION AND PEACE OF MIND”. She says that – “Our Body, Mind and Soul are the gift of the Nature. To keep perfectness of these, one need to meet & keep up deep involvement in extra-curricular activities like music, dance, arts, photography, culture, sports, and martial arts apart from basic & professional education which ultimately preserves a person’s  physical health & thinking power in ship-shape condition with brilliance of mind & with an enormous tongue power. These activities will maintain body & mind in good & sober activation which could lead to perfect fitness of health at all times; thereby the man or woman feels pleasantness with instant resourceful reserve energy”.


Shankar and Ms. Julie had close association, good rapport and understanding. Both planned to become life partners soon, though they belong to different casts. Shankar belongs to Gouda family and Ms. Julie, a converted Christian family. On few occasions, she visited Shankar’s house to attend various functions. Engineer Krishna too had some thought on Ms. Julie and wanted to express his feelings to her, at appropriate time, and also to Shankar. Krishna always has crow-shouting habits.


Every day Shankar used to see and think of Krishna’s new four storied building and living style. The same thing Shankar used to discuss with Ms. Julie. But, due to Shankar’s financial constraints, the understanding between Shankar and Ms. Julie to get married has been put off, for some more time.


One aged Saint Guruji at a nearby Temple, a well known and experienced palmist, astrologist and philosopher, used to observe Shankar who used to look at Krishna’s building every day. One day the aged Saint Guruji asked Shankar – why you are seeing everyday this new building? What is the matter? The aged Saint Guruji asked Shankar, if you want money, gold, silver or property, I will get you and show you many ways.   Shankar replied, no Guruji, I do not need anything.  Then the aged Saint told Shankar, you need to become like your neighbor friend Krishna, who has built the four storied building?  Shankar replied to Saint Guruji, no.  Shankar told Saint Guruji that Krishna had illegal earnings and black money through “Pyravis” (negotiations) and back-door methods.


Saint Guruji told Shankar that the fate of a person cannot be changed and told him that a day will come for a down-fall, if he does not mend his behavioral attitudes and crooked thinking. Saint Guruji also told Shankar that one cannot change buffalo-minded people. Saint Guruji also told that luck knocks the door only once in life time and at that time, one has to utilize opportunities. Then Shankar, self-advocated, kept silent, mum and never watched Krishna’s building from the following day. Saint Guruji briefed Shankar and Ms. Julie about the LIFE’S PHILOSOPHY.


QUOTE –       “Nothing lasts forever in this world.  The philosophy is that, one comes in to this world of living from the nature and vanish & disappear into natures fold.  Only thing is the living and longevity time-frame fixed by the Nature of God, in each individual living case is not known to anybody on this earth. As per the Nature of God directions, every human being is written with a life pert-chart, almanac and a life identity consisting of sufferance’s, bad things, good things, troubles & enjoyments, small living & high living. As far as the human being case, the Nature of God has fixed a maximum of 100 years living life span depending upon place, environment and geographical weather conditions.  Life is a cyclic process of birth and death.  It will take it’s own course, turns and events during this process.  One should not short-close life due to any type of reason. One has to take things in righter perspective angle.


The God given Body, Mind and Soul with “PANCHENDRIA’s” ‘accelerate & function’ with the ‘support and blessing’ of “PANCHA BHUTAS” (Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Sky) is a gift of beautiful “Human Life”.  This “Human Life” is pure, precious, valuable and priceless.  One has to work for the betterment of humanity, mankind and for preservation of human values. “SERVICE TO MANKIND AND NATURE IS SERVICE TO GOD”. To think in terms of “what one has done well to the Humanity, Mankind and the Society” is important rather than what the Society has done to oneself.


Everyone has to obey directions of the Nature’s orders.  One cannot escape fate written on the fore-head by The God/The Almighty/The Lord Christ.  What one has done well to the people and community is more important than what people and community have done to oneself.  It is every body’s duty to preserve the nature’s beauty and not to pollute geographical things like air, water, and fire etc. –UNQUOTE”.


This impressed Shankar and Ms. Julie, a lot.


One Starbucks Café is located nearby residences of Shankar and Julie. Both used to visit this Starbucks Café regularly. She always used to carry a hand bag and used to wear Punjabi Dress with scarf. On few occasions, Shankar and Ms. Julie used to meet at this Starbucks Café to exchange ideas and used to discuss their daily problems.


On one fine day, she sat in the Starbucks Café sipping her coffee and staring out the window. The blood stained knife lay next to her hand bag, covered with her blue silk scarf and was feeling nervousas if she lost something. She got upset and was feeling uneasy and little-bit perturbed. She took-out her mobile phone from her bag and dialed Shankar’s telephone number and asked him to come to Starbucks Coffee Café at once, without informing any details.  On Shankar’s meeting Ms. Julie at the Starbucks Coffee Café, she was weeping and had tears in her eyes, expressed the ghastly incident that took place with engineer Krishna who compelled Ms. Julie to marry him. She told that Krishna tried & attempted to molest her and told that Krishna planned to trouble Shankar, if she did not marry him. She told Shankar that she had heated arguments with Krishna on this one sided love. She also explained Shankar that a stiff tussle took place with Krishna, and on several occasions Krishna threatened her, if she tries to move with Shankar. She took-out the “blood stained knife like device from the blue silk scarf” and showed it to Shankar, without anybody’s notice. However, she and Shankar washed the ‘blood stained knife’ and ‘blue silk scarf’ at an unknown place to avoid complications later.


She narrated the incident slowly after sipping coffee in the Starbucks Cafe. She told that the Son of a Cobbler, Gopi,  aged 25,  years having a small shoe repairing shop opposite to Krishna’s house saw all the confrontation and tussle with Krishna.  On hearing the shouting’s and screams of Ms. Julie,  Gopi came from his shop with a small knife like device, which he was working with that knife at that particular time,  intervened and told Krishna to be careful while speaking to her and tried to pacify both of them. But, Krishna, in a fit of rage beat Gopi very badly. The enraged Gopi, in a flick moment and in a fit of emotion, took-out the small knife like device, swiped & scratched at the back-side of Krishna threatening Krishna with dire consequences. A small line cut with two inch length, one millimeter deep cut took place. Blood was profusely oozing & bleeding and spilled on the floor. In the tussle and arguments, Ms Julie‘s ‘blue silk scarf’ fell on the ground during this incident while taking out her mobile phone from her hand bag to speak to Shankar. In the meantime, Gopi  instantaneously took-out the blood stained small knife which fell on the ground at the incident spot, was wrapped in the ‘blue silk scarf’ out of fear,  anxiety and kept in the hand bag of Ms. Julie, in a flick second.  Some blood stains appeared on the floor at the incident spot near the house of Krishna.  Ms. Julie left the spot immediately and went to Starbucks Café located at nearby area. She was sipping her coffee, which was ordered by her and staring out the window looking for Shankar’s arrival.


Injured Krishna got self first-aid treatment at the house itself, fearing enquiries from hospital authorities, Police verifications and further complaints & complications about the incident. Krishna feared Police filing any FIR, if Ms. Julie or Gopi gives a complaint. Krishna cleaned & washed the blood stained floor to avoid any impediments. Gopi left the place immediately to his native place fearing trouble, if Ms. Julie files a complaint to Police.


Shankar came to the Starbucks Café immediately after the phone call from Ms. Julie. She explained the entire incident which took place near Krishna’s place.  Shankar cooled down her and discussed about the course of action on this incident.  Ms. Julie and Shankar decided not to give any complaint to Police about the incident, fearing Court cases and unnecessary publicity.  Police later came to know about this incident and summoned Krishna, Shankar, Ms. Julie, and Gopi and enquired details.  Police noted the information in their books, though Shankar and Ms. Julie did not give any complaint. Ms. Julie later narrated the entire incident about threatening, trying for molestation, abusing sexually and using un-parliamentary language on her by Krishna.


Later in due course, Police produced Krishna and Gopi in the Court. The case proceedings went on for a year, but due to lack of evidences both were acquitted.         In due course of time, Krishna’s assets and money were seized by the Income-Tax Department, Anti Corruption Bureau and CID, due to his illegal black money earning through back-doors methods.


Engineer Shankar lost his property, and was imprisoned in four wall jail for few years.


Krishna did not heed advises on various issues of Saint Guruji, deaf-eared and not followed any common minimum life principles, because of his money and power minded behavioral attitudes, Krishna landed in trouble and lost everything.


Shankar and Ms. Julie gave values to Saint Guruji’s advises, which lead both of them untroubled prospective progress.


Gopi shifted his Shoe repairing shop to another faraway place.


Ms. Julie, later  married Shankar and left for Bangalore in search of a software job and settled in an IT field, as both were qualified Management graduates with some of software packages,  and flew to US through their company sponsorship.


The couple got blessed with twin babies, a son and daughter. In few years of time, Mr. & Mrs. Julie Shankar acquired land and constructed their own beautiful building in their old local area. The genuine, pure, and confident wings of love, as per God’s Wish, obliged the new couple.


The aged Saint Guruji told Mr. & Mrs. Julie Shankar to help and work for Less Privileged and specially abled children/people at appropriate time, wished & blessed the young new couple – Shankar & Julie – all the best in life. Mr. & Mrs. Julie Shankar instantaneously gave an assurance to open a Trust in India, at an appropriate time,  exclusively meant for Less Privileged children and contribute to the Trust some amount from their monthly income regularly. Also promised to Saint Guruji that funds for the Trust will be raised through singing programs & event management programs for which Saint Guruji felt very happy and blessed Mr. & Mrs. Julie Shankar whole-heartedly.


Then Saint Guruji shifted his base to Varanasi (Kasi) to settle-down and to lead the rest of his life. The Saint Guruji’s words and blessings reverberated in the minds of Julie & Shankar later, whenever they think of old memories.



Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu

Story Writer and Poet.

Hyderabad India 🇮🇳

Email : [email protected]




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