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From the very beginning of beginnings

You have always remained there with me

In all uncertainties

I look up to thee

In anticipation of what is to come

This I have been doing since ages bygone.


Whenever I forget for ages I have been doing so,

Thou cross my heart like a starry wildfire,

Like a restless cow, I shriek, falling down upon thy knees,

Praying for thy forgiveness, O, have mercy on this micro-divine being.


Thou entered my heart,

Tears all apart,

Cheeks earlier dry, now moist with diamonds, out of eyes.


Times when so-called Colonial Masters

Ruled thy children, the Indian slaves,

That time too, in another form, in another body,

My tormented soul looked up to thee,

As every time, thou though brought the dawn of justice,

But once testing, our patience on Thou, the Supreme. 

Thou taught thou won’t come and do the things for us,

Until the clarion call rises from within, then only help comes from above.         

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About the Author: Bikramjit Sen

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