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Robert Frost is a towering figure in modern poetry.His poetry is simple as simple it can be.His poetry is intricate as intricate it can be.True! He takes his subjects from common everyday life.His language is that of everyday use.He infuses a deeper meaning into his apparently simple poetry.
‘The Road Not Taken’ is one of his most popular poems often recommended at school level.This poem is basically an anectode.The speaker represents a common theme that almost everyone encounters in one’s life : the theme of decision-making.Here the speaker is on his way and comes across a fork where two roads are seen passing through a jungle .He stops for a while as he appears confused as which road he should choose for his further journey. He takes a look at each of them : one has little grass over it and the other is grassy.He is in dilemma. He thinks the less grassy road suggests that people prefer it more often whereas the more grassy one suggests few people dare to tread on it.The speaker does some soul searching and becomes able to listen to his inner voice and chooses the grassy path.A bold decision he makes.Also, a sort of risk he takes as he does not go by the common formula.He becomes successful in life.And, this happens due to his decision: the voice of his inner self.He says his choice makes the cut.
One should be clear regarding one’s dream and attentive towards one’s inner calling and if these two things are at hand one attains one’s desire.
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