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I sit alone in an English garden

And gaze in awe at sunset sky

Where colours paint a masterpiece

So exquisite to the eye

From deep maroons to orange fire

It fades into a yellow fan

And sprinkles specks of fading clouds

That sink to rendezvous with dawn

And as I marvel at this display

In silence and at evening’s rest

I think of those so far away

Undergoing violent fiery test

Across the sea and over time

A million voices rage and cry

At evil acts by law’s decree

That can no longer be denied

Where justice is not black and white

And hate’s hunger is so overfed

For authority is on white pages

In ink that reads a bloody red

An army of intolerance

A brotherhood of hate

Bedecked by badge of bludgeoning

And tazer in each state

Crushing spirit and stealing peace

While demanding our respect

While shocking limbs and rocking lives

And kneeling on the neck

Instilled with warped ideology

That debases human mind

Tainted white superiority

And so divided of humankind

But where is hate’s validity?

How is it justified?

Where is their authority

To harass and to divide?

For none can claim to be the first

To be the proudest purest race

For America was full of colour

Before Europe found that place

Did these men not swear an oath

To “Discharge faithfully and well”

And defend all citizens equally

And truth to uphold and to tell?

And did they not then seal their oath

With promise solemn and divine

Proclaiming liberty and devotion

“So help me God” the final line!

And what do we know of our creator

Is he so hard and partial too?

Is God’s likeness just Caucasian

Or is his love both fair and true

His words are there for all to see

In the Bible’s pages plain and clear

That God does not show favouritism

But loves all those who hold Him dear

For when the greatest artist made

The races that dwell on earth today

He used a pallet and brush of life

And a million colours to stroke and splay

For this world is not black and white

Nor grey or dull and monochrome

But is crowned with dazzling glorious colours

No shade is missing, no not one

So if it pleases God to paint

This earth in colours of his love

Then surely skin of many colours

Must be a gift of God above

So please Mr Police Officer

Before you terrorize more souls

Because their skin is not like yours

Be sure you know your cause and goal

For it is not for liberty

Nor for honour that you whack

And do not think that God approves

Of your vile prejudiced attacks

For you dishonour that badge you wear

And the land that you protect

And every blow you turn to black

You kill the law and lose respect

And in case you think me biased

And writing to support my kind

Please know I am male and white

And just like God, I’m colour-blind


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