I Am in Love With You!

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When I was a child, I’d always gone to the sea.
First, I’d discovered the sea light; then, I’d wondered and asked;
‘What’s this glorious magnificence?
They said to me, ‘At night, the phosphorescence in the sea.’
‘And in the day, it is sunshine.’
The sea was yellow and blue; it was because of the sun.
One day, I’d looked at it, then, I could no more.
Therefore, my eyes had gotten black and blacker,
Then, they’d become with full of tears,
It’s just because, I could never see it again, nevermore.
Now, the sun light is far in impossible distance.

Then, when I was young, in my spring, I saw you!
When I saw your those eyes! I was so fearful!
My heart became a flame, got the fire!
O! My eyes were tearful! Therefore,
Your eyes were a sun, I could not bear them!
I’d swept in torture, whereas you were all there!

Nevertheless, I wish you and me be happy.
If only your eyes be my wake,
If only we wake every day, by kissing each other.
Despite my lips cannot reach to yours,
Nonetheless, be reach to your hairs!
O! That your eyes are a whip!
So, I get weak, and weaker!
I don’t want you without the Heaven nor
I don’t want the Heaven without you!
Dear, I love you, but it’s more than love!
I don’t know how, but I am in love with you!

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About the Author: Mustafa Menteşoğulları

I am Mustafa Kemal Menteşoğulları from Cyprus and dealing with miscellaneous literature such poetry, short story, essay, etc.

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