Gulliver’s Travel’s Land

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Every one bunks a class at least once in a lifetime, well almost everyone. We started pretty early in life. By we, I will always include my crazy cousin who happened to be my best friend since my birth and have been my partner in everything ever since.  We lived together, laughed together, fought together but no one could ever come in between us like two Bollywood souls.

Coming back to the story, we had just started our nursery class in a new school. We found ourselves, with the most beautiful person we have ever known till then, with black straight waist length hair, which she tied with hankie at times, pointed heels, red painted nails, knee length dresses which were extremely uncommon in 1980’s. She was like a princess, from the book but unlike most of the fairy tales, beauty didn’t have the heart as pure as required to handle the class of toddlers. Even a small chatter or tiny squeak from any child was enough for the whole class to get spanked with the wooden scale.

Such atrocity on day in and day out were enough for me and my cousin to run away from the class, in search of our elder sisters. Little did our innocent selves knew the world outside, we ran as far as we could to get away from the clutches of the beautiful enchantress. Lo and behold, we found ourselves in a land full of giantess, we must be in the playground of the school, but with the break, it seemed we were in Gulliver’s travel’s land as we could just manage to see the knees, we were just getting lost in the hundreds and thousands of knees. We had started losing all hope of finding our very own, when someone grabbed us from our shoulders and thrust us in the direction of our class. Not knowing anything better, we allowed ourselves to led us back in the four walled chamber.

We were glad that we managed to escape the Gulliver’s giantess land and were back. For the comfort of the known we were ready to pay the small price, which was not so distressing, as at that innocent age, we were enchanted with the witch who lured everyone with her beauty.

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