A JOURNEY TO PEACE – Where the Satisfaction Lies.

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Constant running thoughts in head – making you fear, anxious and always in doubt if you’re doing enough. Are you, doing enough!? Or should I say – Aren’t you doing enough, already!

We see the rush, everyday – since the first moment we open our eyes waking up in the morning. And we see ourselves still running, when we finally shut the eyes to fall asleep.

The race is on – race of thoughts, emotions, feelings, fears, competitions, achieving, goals, lacking, confusions, misunderstandings, conflicts, disagreements, loneliness, hate, envy – maybe a blind race, without a conscious.

Conscious of being human, of being someone who very well knows and recognize what beauty is.

Beauty is finding peace, in, which you don’t have AND beauty is finding satisfaction, in, the things you have already.

Finding peace, doesn’t mean you stop dreaming, trying the efforts, dropping the thought of doing better – that way you won’t grow. But finding peace, when you can’t have it in the moment and still manage to smile and take a calm breath.

Beauty is when you haven’t been the part of the journey and still manage to appreciate what you could have done, but someone else does it.

Beauty is not complaining but being a listener. And beauty is when no one listens but you still say it.

When you start noticing, observing and living smaller and little moments – that is when you feel where you’re not running anymore. No rush, no race, no doubt of ‘not doing enough’. That is when you start feeling satisfaction.

Beauty doesn’t say of – being unrealistic or impractical or irrational. Beauty is something artistic, where you know the facts, walk on them and still create a distinctive world.

Survival is harsh. It holds more of the pain than pleasure. More tears than smiles. More separation than union. More reality than dreams. More discomfort than soothe. But soothe isn’t peace.

Peace is beauty, and beauty is real. As real as any survival is. As real as any race or rush or doubt is. And placing the peace in the world of survival, that’s what beauty is all about.

The race of achieving something – any goal, is not what should not be done to have satisfaction and hold the peace – BUT – it is the race itself, that how it is conducted. A story is all about the journey.

The race. The rush. Putting beauty into it makes it The journey.

Expectations, of others and more of our own from own self – leads to the rush. Where care, love and sacrifices are the solid bottom, expectations start building their manor on it like some vine.

The grace of understanding and empathy, kindness and respecting an individual’s rights and choices – is undoubtedly beautiful. AND the practice of this rather than ‘expectations’ is the path where ‘peace’ and ‘satisfaction’ definitely place themselves. Making the rushing race, the journey. A journey of its own speed, own pace and own beauty.

– Ocean Singh

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