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For any relation, no matter with whom, Respect is undoubtedly the first step. Respect – holds Grace, Kindness, Patience, Human Value and a great potential for the relationship.
For the human kind, if one learns the gesture of respecting, the person takes the first ever step to engrave the self into a glowing soul. Not only between human but also from a human to another living soul in this nature and space, respect is must.
In today’s world, where human kind might be doing wonders – reaching heights and depths into space and oceans, but still, it’s lacking massively in building or keeping alive an idol relationship. Doesn’t matter if the relation is between – a couple, or family, friends, or if it’s commercial, social, physical, emotional, or natural with flora and fauna. You can only start a bond if you initiates with respect. Yes, Love, Care, Understanding are important elements for a relationship but if there is no respect, the relationship can’t even breathe. The difference of age, generation, race or gender, culture or community, sets no bar of – how to respect – Respect is a constant practice with every next moment in your life. Yes, many times, instance happens where the person in front of you is ”disrespecting” and you have to take action, but as I have said that – Respect holds Grace, Kindness, Patience, Humanity, and Empathy – so it teaches you how to behave and act to the person in those instances. BECAUSE – RESPECT IS A CONSTANT PRACTICE.
And not just, respecting a little kid or a pet or plants and trees or elders or friends or Strangers! You should also know that respecting own self is important, equally. Though respect should not get confused with ego. Where Respect covers your own self and ‘others too’, Ego just limits itself and does not empathizes with ‘the other’.
In this huge world (space) – your time is limited. Doesn’t matter how long you live, but if you do not live a good life, which makes your life till the last breathe and others life – happy – because of you, your time here gets worthless. There is so much to learn, to explore, to create – and move towards progress, there are ‘ways’ how to do that. Yes, no one is perfect, and things cannot be done with perfection every time, BUT, as being a part of human kind – with sense, with emotions, with understandings, you SHOULD know WHY NOT to do certain things. That is how you improve, grow and shine!
Putting materialistic way of living aside, and acting as human in present time is not just a good choice but a great deed for this earth to survive longer. And making your soul taste some good, wonderful and appreciating experiences always helps in making the life worthy.
On ending note, I would just say that, we are witnessing bizarre events in multiple numbers all around the world, clearly because of ‘inhuman’ intentions and ignorance!!! Like – Hate, Crime, Corruption, Greed and sadly many more. So, as soon as – the ‘Human’ kind – We – the ones who can read these words AND UNDERSTAND TOO, We should start the practice of – RESPECTING. Because it will bring great, better and must needed change in this world, and we would proudly will able to progress together.
– Ocean Singh
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