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You’re my Mercury you are very difficult to meet, but was worth it. Just like the Venus, who’s the brightest in the sky, you just light my darkest mind. And my Earth, who’s the center of my universe, you just give what i deserved. You’re my Mars, you’re my home to my tallest mountains of pride, you can tamed my dustful mind. And i fall the pieces to your heaven’s arm. You’re just like Jupiter. Coming like a big storm, beautiful to observe but still can be deadly for my heart to onhold. But you said you’re the ring on the Saturn. A thin flat ring, nowhere touching but you’re eyes we’re for my being, And i’m your Uranus, cold but your diamonds at it’s finest. But in reality we’re both Neptune, distant to each other. The strong wind of the planet wouldn’t let us meet in the horizon.

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Danica Manalo

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