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Far away from home

Sometimes I feel so alone

But don’t get me wrong

I know, I know the same Sun is shining above

On my head, oh my head

Is spinning around with my thoughts

Going around in circles

Playing around with my soul


When I’m lonely

Music is my remedy

Red and white and green

Oh you don’t know what I mean

When I say March 15 or August 20

Or flag with a hole in it

And Trianon’s fucked up treaty

But that’s just the past


When you talk it’s total non-sense

But I feel you when you’re playing

Different words

But total same thoughts

Brain’s not working

Only the heart


Don’t say a word

Just smile at me

I will know it immediately

Sight of the sea and fjords around me

Do I belong here?

Something tells me

It is my world now

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About the Author:

Just a self-proclaimed creative writer’s attempts at poetry as an art form.

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