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Black out poem at UpDivine
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About the Style

A blackout poem is when a poet takes a marker (usually a black marker) to highlight a text in a newspaper magazine or a book and starts marking out words until a poem is formed. The key thing with a blackout poem is that the text that remains form a sort of visual poem.


1.You can redact alphabets, words, phrases or the whole sentence.
2.The poem could be in any format. No desired style or length.
3.This kind of poetry is generally visual poetry.


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In this poem:

  • This is the first page of the first chapter of the book “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” (“The Boy Who Lived”).
  • In some parts of the page, some words are highlighted. In other parts, some alphabets or some phrases.
  • A black marker is used to cover the unuseful parts.

Black out poem at UpDivine
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