A Secret Crush

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the beating on my heart seems to race faster every time I think about you
its very strange,yet its the truth
I came to realize it when the capture of your words melts deep down in my head
when every time you can make me smile instead of frown
and how much I would get excited and nervous from the attention of your name
I doubt you will feel the same
but I always enjoy the butterflies that take me over the darkest of the days
deep down inside I’m screaming “Like me! “Love me !
but I know I must be quiet
knowing that there’s another person you wish you can have
but you stay silent
its a foolish hope of mine that maybe oh maybe,someday something will flourish without me saying a word
that you probably will never catch on and honestly I’ts a tiny bit absurd
Its like going out and your date never returns
and I never should feel the way I do
however I cant help but wait to hear back from you
I may never be the girl you want
The girl that lacks confidence in areas you seek
but even though,
the sound of your voice and the beating of your heart so close to mine “oh my gosh you are fine”
You make me fall on my knees and make me so weak
my secret crush,
its far to late to confess
so I’ll keep these feelings burry in my chest
I’m not the light of your life and I never ever will be
that constant fear has kept me away from saying anything
I will continue to wonder if there will be a me and
and for now on I’ll keep it hidden
while behind these closed doors
I just dreamily sigh.


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