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DRNM – dearreadingnichemind of UPDIVINE


This Saturday is graced with your invitation to make an appearance

It is a fact…

This bodymindheartsystem is a stardust particle turned into a now

81+ female with the credentials to edit/publish/read/share/write/think with the

B.A. in Publishing Media since 12062012 from OBU = Oxford Brookes University

and a website www.printingeria.com




Word dancing mind is

the interface between


and THEREALITY of this curiosity driven person


30 DIGIBOOKS on the portfolio are inviting

dearreadingnicheminds to follow their

curiosity courage beam

to pay/download/read/share contents

 of other curious creative writing minds


This high age female person’s raison d’etre is …. p o ‘ s i a


Whatever comes out of this special BRAIN set under the skull

is using letters and numbers to create words into sentences

into phrases into paragraphs into pages into scrolls into strings

for reading into the reading minds of global minds


This night Consciousness took over

highlighting leftovers and strings of


fragrances of thisthatandtheother

images snatched from THINGS

numbers of importances

shards of imagination




to create a new timelinepearl

from wakeup to sleepdown

hanging on the breathing line

carpe diem sort of new game


Gratitude is the attitude with

a Saturday fine smile sent

off with the cosmos winds

from 1+1 unique brain window

12:27 27/06/2020 by thb-teresahewesufabencinic


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