Life Like a Big-Bang

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Life Updivine
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Like after the big-bang, celestial bodies flew;
And where to head they didn’t knew..
And since the time I knew I am…
In the ocean of doubts I swam…

The wisdom, the will, the strength within;
I have these things to make it large..
But to take these goods, I need a barge….

No money, no fame, nor the captain of a game..
To be like Newton, or Bill Gates;
even Shakespeare or Alexander the great.
Is not what my heart really aspirate..

Don’t wish for dozens to make my crew,
But with the fear of loneliness I grew.
Don’t want them to cry with me when I am sad;
But would love to see their smiles when my heart is glad…

Not looking for people who follow me everywhere;
Only to be with a few who actually care..
Don’t really wish to see the whole world;
But a lifetime with those who are my world…

I know for sure that there might be a day,
When would have completely lost my way.
I might turn out to be a sinner,
But I will not be that bad from inner…

There will be many to whelm me with their wrath,
But I want those who would show me the right path.
Because like all I am not born all smart,
Who would always hit the right dart…

For when the time come when universe shall die,
And all will be submerged as one into thy..
Like this would be my biggest achievement,,
When there would be none in disagreement……

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Life Updivine
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